Taking Care of Your Body After an Abortion


If you suddenly find out that you are unable to carry your pregnancy to full term owing to medical reasons that may put your life at risk, or if you find yourself pregnant at a time when you are not willing to embrace parenthood, you may experience a variety of mixed emotions. Any of these reasons may require that you consider abortion as the best option for you. Having an abortion is a big decision, and aftercare is equally important. Therefore, it is important that you get in touch with a reputed Singapore abortion clinic such as Seng’s OG Clinic, which can guide you through the entire process carefully. This article will discuss more about abortion and the importance of prioritizing self-care throughout the recovery period.

Abortion and Recovery: What to Expect

Whether you opt for a medical or surgical abortion, you need to pay close attention to the aftercare, recovery, and any concerning symptoms that may follow. After the initial evaluation of your suitability for an abortion, your medical practitioner at the selected Singapore clinic will schedule another appointment to carry out the procedure. Abortions are performed as OPD procedures, and therefore it is advised that you are accompanied by a close friend or family member who can take you home. Once home, it is absolutely necessary that you make every effort to follow all medical guidelines given by your medical practitioner at the Singapore abortion clinic.

Guidelines to Follow

1. Follow Medical Advice Closely

Until you are completely healed, you are at a higher risk of infection. As such, antibiotics are routinely recommended after any abortion. Furthermore, your doctor may also prescribe a medicine to shrink your uterus back to its normal size. Ensure that you take the prescribed dosage only.

2. Rest As Needed

The physical and mental changes that follow an abortion can often leave you fatigued. Rest as much as you can in the first couple of days following an abortion, enabling your body to heal. Avoid strenuous physical activities such as lifting heavy objects or even low intensity cardio exercises such as jogging for up to a week following your surgery.

3. Avoid Using Tampons

It is recommended that you refrain from using tampons for about a month following an abortion. Use sanitary pads to absorb any bleeding or discharge, and make sure to change them every four hours.

4. Abstain from Sexual Intercourse

Right after an abortion, your cervix and uterus remain in a vulnerable state and are susceptible to infection. Therefore, allow things to heal. It is recommended that you refrain from having sexual relations for two weeks after an abortion or until the bleeding completely stops. You may need to wait longer if your abortion causes any further complications.

5. Use Contraception

It is possible to ovulate soon after an abortion. So, you need to take the right precautions to make sure you don’t get pregnant again right away. Talk to your doctor at your Singapore clinic to find out which method of birth control will work best for you.

6. Acknowledge Your Feelings

It is normal to feel a variety of emotions as a result of the decision you made and the hormonal changes that occur following an abortion. Many patients experience relief, but they may also experience emotions of loss or guilt. Allow yourself to process your emotions, and don’t be afraid to seek help from friends and family.

7. Don’t Miss Your Follow-Up Appointments

It is important for your doctor to assess your health and ensure that your body is properly recovering. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your physical or emotional health, please reach out to your Singapore abortion clinic, and they will be able to help you.

Also, get in touch with your abortion clinic or doctor right away if you have any of the following complications after an abortion.

  • Heavy bleeding
  • Temperature over 100 degrees.
  • Severe abdominal pain that doesn’t settle with painkillers
  • Vomiting that lasts more than 4 hours.
  • Sudden abdominal swelling or rapid heart rate.
  • Vaginal discharge that has increased in amount or smells bad.
  • Pain, redness or swelling in the genital area.

Singapore Abortion Clinic: Seng’s OG Clinic

If you find yourself unexpectedly pregnant and unsure of what to do next, reach out to us, and our skilled medical specialists will carefully listen to your concerns, offer advice as needed, and help you make an informed decision about your body and future.

Seng’s OG Practice is dedicated to providing safe and effective medical and surgical abortions in Singapore. We make sure to share accurate information on abortion with all our patients. Our compassionate and caring team of professionals will ensure utmost confidentiality while you navigate this difficult decision. If you decide that having an abortion is the best option for you or if you are compelled to do so fro medical reasons, our competent professionals will provide you with the necessary mental, emotional, and medical attention in a safe and well-equipped Singapore abortion clinic. Contact our compassionate and skilled team of professionals for all abortion-related queries, and we will be happy to help you.

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